Coaching from the bleachers….

Or you could say there are those that do and then there are those that tell others to do, but yet they themselves can’t.

I had the opportunity today to go to a West Virginia Mountaineers game and was quite frankly amused with the number of people telling the quarterback how to play or the coach how to coach. They were yelling and throwing fits as to what they perceived as inept play calling and execution. But the question lingers in my mind, could they do half of what these players are asked to do? Read More

Did you kill Twenty One Pilots?

I recently had the opportunity to see a band called Twenty One Pilots in Pittsburgh.  They were the opening act before Neon Trees. I had no familiarity with the group but was automatically pulled in by their stage presence and what can only be described as a joy that emanated from each note and melody.  Honestly, I had paid to see Neon Trees but was completely floored by this band I had never heard of.  So as I often do I dug deep into their music and lyrics and investigated everything I could about this band. I found out they were an up and coming band band from Columbus, Ohio.  When I went on their website, I discovered the story of two young men who are genuinely trying to change the world through their music. Read More